Dying light silenced pistol

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Dying Light Store Page. Global Achievements. I just crafted a silenced pistol, but it dont use ammo from the normal pistols ammo pool, and it came with one shot only! Last edited by JC Denton ; 24 Dec, am. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question.

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Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by Corona Super Saiyan :. Showing 1 - 15 of 36 comments. I really wish they would add an attachable silencer for any weapon. Not just a silenced pistol. Well, you can't have everything I gues Chaos View Profile View Posts. To be honest, I actually got used to the bow and xbow. So basically having a silenced weapon would just be a gimmick. Originally posted by Just Chill :.

I doubt you'll be able to play online at least not VAC secured with mods. Lotrer View Profile View Posts. Same problem. Silenced pistol uses Subsonic Ammo Not the normal pistol ammoyou can find this in police vans. Ber View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by BladeMaster :. Originally posted by LuizBernardes :. Shaunshilu View Profile View Posts. Stevepunk View Profile View Posts. How can you remove a silencer? Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 19 Dec, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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dying light silenced pistol

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Chase down enemies in your signature buggy and bury them deep with a trio of trustworthy weapons: the Empressthe Heatwaveand the Sandstorm. Following the undying enthusiasm and engagement of millions of fans who continue to play Dying Light, we have decided to launch the "IN" program for our beloved zombie game. In the next twelve months we will deliver ten free DLCs featuring brand-new locations, mechanics, weapons, enemies, and story-driven quests alongside gameplay improvements, balance tweaks, and exclusive content for our most dedicated fans.

We encourage every one of you to share your thoughts, ideas, and stories. It is a single integrated community hub offering players exclusive offers, news, and content not available anywhere else. Contains brand-new game mode Prison Heist set in the never-seen-before Harran Prison. Contains four masked outfits: ToreroWoodwormSuperstarand Intimidator.

Contains new playable character Bandlands Ridernew buggy Desert Furyand three new weapons. Get it free now Watch trailer. About "IN" program Following the undying enthusiasm and engagement of millions of fans who continue to play Dying Light, we have decided to launch the "IN" program for our beloved zombie game. Neon Storm Claim for free Drop 2 Gemly exclusive. March Sgt. Deathrow Contains a previously unknown Demolisher mutation: Sgt.

April A Snake in the Grass Contains new special bounty Subterfuge and the subsonic ammo blueprint. Our website uses cookies, which could mean that we know where are you We use cookies to create a more personal experience, such as giving you a localized site.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

Dying Light Store Page. Global Achievements.

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Proxidist View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Originally posted by BladeMaster :. It's absolutely redundant like it is now.

I rather stick to bow and xbow either in that case. Could have been balanced a bit better But I guess it's necessary to change the weapon model of any weapon either to one with a silencer.

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So it's way cheaper to add a silenced pistol. Yet why it requires unique ammo is beyond my understanding. Last edited by Just Chill ; 19 Dec, am. Eiffel View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Joe Cool :. Last edited by Eiffel ; 19 Dec, am. Originally posted by Eiffel :.The German 9mm Pistol is a firearm in Dying Light.

It can be purchased from shops, found in loot caches and rarely, in the trunks of police sedans and vans. One can be found in the Southeastern part of the Slums near a corpse. A house with a "Free Supplies" sign will have a dead body in a chair with one on the floor.

The German 9mm Pistol was first seen on Kyle Crane when he was first dropped into the city of Harran. After his parachute gets caught and frees himself, he pulls it out after a group of Rais' men threatens him, in which ones sneak attacks and uses it by shooting his attacker, but was eventually discarded presumably out of ammo. Like most firearms, the German 9mm Pistol was initially a rare find. Later on, one can be found near the body of Rashan Omar 's friend which committed suicide while protecting Omar.

While Kyle was in Rais' Pit and after Rais orders his men to kill him, Kyle severs one of Rais' hands holding a German 9mm Pistol and quickly uses it to kill one of his guards near Zere, quickly discarding it after his shooting. Comparing to the American 9mm Pistolit has a higher firepower, but lower rate of fire, and has a 8 round capacity. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.For those of you playing Dying Lightyou may have already discovered that the key to survival are weapons, medkits, and the like.

Getting such "luxuries" requires lots of crafting materials and one special component: blueprints. Blueprints are a must-have in order to turn your average pipe into a melee killing machine, or simple gauze and alcohol into a medkit. There's a wide range of craftables you need to survive in Dying Lightand finding the blueprints for them is part of the fun. You'll learn what damage they add, all the components needed to craft each one, and where to find them.

Below is a map to use in conjunction with the blueprint listings to make navigating your way around a little easier. Scroll down or use the category links above to see the listings themselves. Click to enlarge.


Found inside a safe house that is located just north of the Tower. The blueprint is placed on a small wooden box, next to the candle.

Dying Light Secret Weapons Tutorial

Found inside a three-story house located south from the first highway curve that continues into a long stretch of road leading straight. The area east of this house is on the same level as its second floor. This is the floor where the blueprint is hidden inside one of the small wooden boxes, on top of the shelf. Found inside a safe house area north of the main bridge.

The blueprint is on a wooden table, below a red and white metal roof, near the vendor. Found inside a larger beige colored tent, next to the large metal depot nearby the "Jealous Runner" challenge.

The blueprint is on the small desk, next to the laptop, and the microscope. Found inside the eastern electric substation. This area is where side quest "Voltage" occurs. Inside a small room of the electric station, you should find a chest with the blueprint inside. Found in Southeastern Slums area, on a rock peaking out of the sea far from the shore. There is a giant weapon on top of the dead body that you have to pick up first. You have to hold the action button for several minutes.

Once you do it, the body burns down and reveals the blueprint.

Dying Light Content Drop #2 Gun Silencer is now available for Dying Light

Found inside the storage room of a gas station. There is a hard lock you need to pick at the entrance of this room.

Once you unlock it, you can find the blueprint on top of the shelves. Found in Western Central Slums, on top of the railroad overpass, where there is a brown bus. Found behind a shack in the Northeastern Slums. Follow the river to find this small hidden place. Open the box behind the shack to collect the blueprint. This room becomes unlocked at the end of the side quest and you can collect the blueprint here. Found on top of a building located close to the gas station.

By using the air conditioner near the hallway at the center of the building, you can push yourself toward the lamp on the side of the nearby balcony, to get up there. Between the same room and the boxes, is a small gap with a blue box. Hit the box numerous times to make it open and reveal the blueprint.

It's said to be extremely powerful and worth the effort. Found in the Harran Public School area. Search its yard for a beige colored tent.Update, December The second free content update for Dying Light is available now, with a Gun Silencer that lets you sneak up on your undead foes.

Content Drop 2 actually the third free update, because they decided to start with 0 is out now. For our favourite zombie gamescheck here. Following the update, your quartermaster will give you the blueprints for the makeshift silencer, which can be attached to either the American or German 9mm pistols. The silencer will never break, but it does require special subsonic ammo typically found in abandoned police vans.

dying light silenced pistol

See, the actual first one was 0 and, well, you get the idea. Update July 26, Techland have released the first free content drop for Dying Light, titled Reinforcements. The DLC adds new enemies to the campaign.

dying light silenced pistol

Across the second location in the game, Old Town, there are now heavy-armed militia guarding the rooftops. If you take them out, you can get hold of advanced weaponry and also cobble together a brand-new outfit. This good-looking fella will splatter your head with a lump of concrete. It was announced last month that Dying Light would be getting 12 months of free DLC over the next year.

Developers Techland teasedthe first bit of DLCin this series, which will add new enemies, back then too. But now they have released a new video which has a few more details. Over the next 12 months, there will be ten DLC packs released for free. In those, there will be new enemies, new events, and new mysteries. Given the timeframe of ten DLC packs in 12 months, we can probably expect that first Content Drop in the next couple of weeks, but nothing is confirmed.

Update June 15, Techland have now officially previewed their DLC plans for the next year, with the trailer above for Content Drop 0 as they call it.

What could this year of free content possibly be building to, hmm?

Dying Light's year of free DLC continues with the Gun Silencer

In that, Techland shifted the focus from parkour to vehicular action, plonking a dune buggy down in its open-world. The Following also added a new cult-addled area to the game, so expect extra segments of map to come out of this plan.

Back to Top. Promoted How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports.Add me if you want. Add me on xbox one guys. Some of these weapons one hit zombies, including the juggernauts, even if u did have that much damage on ur weapons. It would be awesome if you could find all the places for the dark machete. I know of two,one on top of the bride near the fisherman village,fist tower,and another near one of the safe houses near a bolter place.

Look on the bottom left of the map,and place a waypoint,it is near a tunnel and if you look in there there is a chest with a lockpick of medium. I have been trying to find it and and if I do eventually fond it then i will let you guys know. It would also be awesome if someone would be will to let me have a dark machete.

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I am on pc so please let me know. Thank you and i will let you know if i find any other places. I have been playing dying light since day one, and something went wrong with my game, I no longer able to find the emperors glow, and bone splitter.

Please give me some suggestions. I am horrible at this game. Rekt all day by runners. Add me on PSN if you can help me. Anyone in need of dying light weapons.

Dying Light - Blueprint Location Guide

Was wondering if there was a way to boost my abilities, if so how? Weather it be weapons or playing in a party! If some one could please help I would greatly appreciate it! Screen name is unbornabyss! Hey guys im in need of some good weapons on dying light x box one i cant seem to get good weapons over dmg. If anybody could give me some good weapons id love to llay with you guys. You can grab the shotgun by his corpse inside the burning house.

There is a secret in the tower if you find the room where the woman is reading a kid is playing a PS Vita but if you look at his hand he is doing the Konami code I call this the Konami kid. Your email address will not be published. Borderlands 3 Red Chest Locations in Borderlands 3. Dying Light is not just about killing Zombies or clearing the main missions, in fact, exploration and side missions reward you with additional XP, money and some rare weapons.

The range of weapons obtainable in this zombie apocalypse-themed game is incredible, from Baseball Bat to Assault Rifles, but the best ones are well hidden and you can get them only by completing some events, unlocking police vans, or finding well hidden blueprints.

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